Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
by Dr. Seuss
Oh, the Places You'll Go is a book about moving on to new stages of your life. The things we do and the places we go in life are in our own hands, that your life is yours and only you can decide what to make of it. Things can and will happen, everyone will encounter obstacles, but you just have to move on. Sometimes things will not work out the way that you hoped, you may be stuck in bad situations, and it may be hard to get out of them but things will turn around. There will be times when you may feel lost, helpless, and confused, and it may seem that your life is going nowhere, but somehow you will overcome those times. You will be alone at times and you may be afraid, but things will only get better if you face those times. Your life will be filled with all different opportunities and situations, but you ultimately decide the direction that your life goes on. And if you choose to live your life to it's full potential, if you put your all into it, you can do anything.
Although this is a silly, colorful book that may seem directed towards a younger audience, I think it is perfect to implement in any classroom. I received this book as a present from my second grade teacher when I graduated high school, and to this day I can learn from it. This book isn't about the pictures or the fact that Dr. Suess wrote it, it's about the important message that it gives. I would incorporate this book in a lesson about character. I would read the book to my students, and then go back and look at it page-by-page and have my students pull out the deeper meaning of each page-- such as, when the author says that you will look up and down many streets, is he really saying that you will literally look up and down streets? What is the deeper meaning? I think students can get so much out of this book at any age, but it is perfect for 3-5th grade students because they are at the age where they would really start to understand the meaning.

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