Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flat Stanley - His Original Adventure

Flat Stanley - His Original Adventure
by Jeff Brown
[Chapter Book]

Stanley Lambchop was a normal little boy who lived with his mother, his father, and his little brother Arthur. Stanley had a big bulletin board hanging above his bed that his father had given him and his brother for Christmas. One night, the bulletin board fell on top of Stanley while he was sleeping and completely flattened him. Stanley was now a foot wide and only half an inch thick. Stanley started to enjoy being flat, because he could enter rooms without opening the door and he could transport himself through mail. Stanley's neighbor, Mr. Dart was the director of the Museum of Art. When Stanley heard that there had been sneak thieves going into the museum at night, he offered to sneak in and hang on the wall as a painting to catch them. Stanley Lambchop was able to catch the sneak thieves, and he became famous for it. Not too long after, children started to make fun of Stanley and he no longer liked being flat. His brother found a football pump and put it in Stanley's mouth in hopes of pumping him back to normal size. Stanley Lambchop was no longer Flat Stanley.

This story would be good to incorporate in an upper grades literacy class. It is entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable for children. The story could be read as a class, and the class could make a story map of sequenced events as they read. At the end, the students would summarize the story. As a follow up activity, students would write their own ending to the story.

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