Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
by Susan Jeffers
[Multicultural Literature]
[Historical/Realistic Fiction]

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky is a powerful story set back when the Indian Civilizations made up what we now call America. The white European settlers started a brutal war against the Indians, during which they tried to take over the Indian's land. Chief Seattle was one of the most well-known and widely-respected chiefs in the Indian tribes. As the war was ending, one of the white Europeans posed an offer to Chief Seattle to buy all of the Indian's land. When the offer was posed, Chief Seattle spoke out about his feelings for the land. He said that the land, all of its creatures, and everything on it was sacred. His message supported gthe feelings of all of his fellow Indians, that the land should not be given away or taken for granted, rather that it should be preserved.

This story would be perfect to incorporate in a classroom, as it teaches a historical lesson as well as a lesson on taking things for granted. This story shows how much the Indians, and many of the people in our country's past, cared for and appreciated the land they lived on. They took nothing for granted, rather seeing it as a gift. I feel that upper elementary children could get alot out of this story, as could one of any age.

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